​​​​​Crusaders of Fatima Officers:
President:                    Richard Marques 
Vice-President:         Ned Greene
Treasurer:                    Clement Pinto
Secretary:                    Agnes Wong
1. Fred McKenna 2. Mario Taricano  3. Mary McHale(member Emeritus) 4. Monica Pinto 5. Jodel and Maria Deauna 6. Diane Brown 7. Eileen Sawyer  8. Rosa Tempesta  9. Dr. Helen Jackson 
10. Jenny Chan 11. Nicole Legagneur 12. Mary Ku 13. Mercy Kalapurakkel  14.Michael Ferrigno
Services Music by:
Jodel and Family, and Friends 
(Jodel Deauna - Keyboards  and Voice)
(Joseph Deauna - Lead Guitar and Voice)
Photos Courtesy of: Tellie Akut